About Us

Leading in serving the public sector in Taiwan, the Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI) is aimed at providing technology solutions and services for its clients in confronting with emerging security challenges in cyberspace.


CSTI was established in January 2012 by unifying III’s existing efforts in cyber security, including national policy formulation and deployment, technology R&D, solutions and services, etc. Having been successfully serving the public and private sector in Taiwan for more than 7 years, the CSTI teams will maintain their endeavor in national cyber security strategy planning, and developing technology solutions and services addressing vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection/protection, information sharing and analysis, security in cloud/internet of things/mobile networks, personal information management, etc.




CSTI is aimed at developing new generation of core security modules and integrated security technologies, which include deep-learning vulnerabilities exploration, threat detection and defense, threat intelligence and malware analysis. At the core of the activities is the development of integrated solutions for cybersecurity. These include advanced penetration testing, web security, mobile application penetration testing, cloud security monitoring, enterprise dark net detection, user entity behavior analytics, threat intelligence and vulnerability management, etc.